In recent years consumers have increased their awareness of brands and their ingredients! We want high quality, safe and natural ingredients, information about the origin of the ingredients, and more eco-friendly packaging. The Polish brand Sensum Mare meets all these requirements. 

On my blog and social media, I have mentioned Sensum Mare many times. But today I want to show all my favorite Sensum Mare products and explain what makes them so special.

sensum mare
A Polish brand that is so focused on high quality of active ingredients, naturalness and affordable prices, has never appeared on my blog.

I must admit that it was a great pleasure to get to know their cosmetics. Read on, they’re really special!

Sensum Mare dermocosmetics combines active ingredients straight from our oceans. Unique ingredients come from the most inaccessible and exotic places in the world. This is a huge plus for me because I love natural cosmetics. Many of them are vegan!

When choosing cosmetics as a model, I always check whether the brand has undergone a series of tests allowing them to be sold, including allergological and dermatological tests. Sensum Mare has done such research 🙂

The brand has two lines: blue “ALGOLIGHT” and pink “ALGORICH”. If you don’t know Sensum Mare creams, I definitely recommend Algorich (pink), which is intended for dry and very dry skin. This line is also perfect for mature and sensitive skin.

Here are my favorites: 

1. ALGOPURE – Gentle face cleansing gel,

2. ALGOTONIC – a rich face tonic with a nourishing and moisturizing effect,

3. ALGORICH – advanced revitalizing and anti-wrinkle serum for dry and very dry skin,

4. ALGORICH – advanced cream for dry and very dry skin, also has anti-wrinkle and revitalizing properties. It has a rich consistency,

5. ALGOEYE – an advanced and rich eye cream, brightening and reducing puffiness,

6. ALGOPURE – A gentle peeling / enzymatic mask with a cleansing and smoothing effect


Let me start with a gentle face cleansing gel that is really extra gentle! Its role in the daily routine is invaluable. It effectively cleanses your face without peeling your skin, it removes makeup, and prepares the skin for the next stages of care. What’s more, it soothes and calms the skin.

sensum mare

I always use it in the morning and in the evening. The gel is really great for removing makeup! I have been using the products for several weeks and I think it is worth trying out. The composition includes, among others, an algae complex, as well as delicate washing ingredients.

After the ALGOPURE gel or mask (I’ll write about it later), it’s fun to use ALGOTONIC, then the serum and cream. These products have a very rich texture, perfectly nourish and moisturize, and in combination with the eye cream they are really good for the skin!

I must emphasize that the Sensum Mare brand is a Polish company, and the new products it created are packed in eco-tubes, which are 96% made of biomass obtained from sugar cane. Plus, it’s 100% vegan.

You will find it here.


I fell in love with this face toner from my first use! It is now the first step in my daily facial skin care routine. According to the manufacturer, the tonic has a unique combination of water from the Norwegian glacier and five types of sea algae, thanks to which it nourishes the skin by providing it with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid contained in the tonic penetrates the stratum corneum, deeply moisturizes it and prevents it from drying out. Organic cornflower water has a toning, anti-inflammatory and soothing effect. It works perfectly for me!

The bottle is equipped with an atomizer that allows you to spray the face with a tonic without pouring the product onto a cotton pad. It creates a mist that we can spray anywhere and anytime. The tonic by SENSUM MARE has a watery consistency with a fresh and pleasant aroma. Absorbs instantly, tones, restores the skin’s natural pH and soothes it.

sensum mare

I always apply the product in the morning and evening before applying the serum and cream. The tonic perfectly prepares the skin for further care stages. Perfectly refreshes, soothes irritations and eliminates minor imperfections. I have the impression that it also gently moisturizes, because the skin after its application is very soft and delicate to the touch, and any dry skin is immediately tame. The mist is also great for long hikes – it perfectly refreshes the skin.

This product won the “BEST OF 2020 GLAMMIES (” Award from the Magazine Readers in Glammies Beauty Plebiscite in the category of the best cosmetic for sensitive skin and 100% Vegan!

You will find it here.


I decided to try out this serum when I saw that it won an award in the 2018 Glammies in the category of the best facial serum and immediately fell in love with it.  The combination of algae with glacial water rich in minerals, as well as the combination of selected active ingredients makes the skin perfectly moisturized, toned and richly nourished! This is all my skin needs for good condition and health.

The serum made a really big impression on me, and my enthusiasm was realised right after I took the product out of the paper box.

The dermo cosmetics are contained in a 35 ml pearl bottle, which looks very luxurious and resembles a perfume bottle. It is equipped with a modern pipette that allows you to perfectly measure the required amount of the product, which in turn makes dosing the serum trouble-free.

sensum mare

The product has a liquid, half-gel consistency, in a shade of off-white and a subtle, yet beautiful, sweet and refreshing fragrance that has an extremely relaxing effect.

The serum spreads well and absorbs quickly. Initially, I could feel a little stickiness of the product, but it disappears as it is massaged on the skin. Two or three pumps are usually enough for a single application. This amount covers both the face, neck and chest.

I apply the serum both for the day and for the night. Thanks to its formula, it will be perfect as a make-up base. It is my must have cosmetic when I have a photo shoot.

After applying the serum, the skin is soft and radiant, with a lot of nourishment and hydration at the same time. This serum is therefore a godsend for those with very dry skin which needs immediate moisture. And it is all thanks to a powerful dose of 24 active ingredients which, in addition to leaving the skin smooth and pleasant to the touch, also eliminate wrinkles and signs of aging. This cosmetic can be used alone or in conjunction with other creams.

As I mentioned, this product won the “BEST OF 2018 GLAMMIES” award from the readers of magazine in the Glammies Beauty contest, in the category of the best serum. Congrats this serum is great! 

You will find it here.


I use this cream from SENSUM MARE for a specific reason. In the summer, my skin becomes more dry, so I am looking for the best solutions for it. And so this product came to my attention.

The product has a rich formula and a white color. Smell, on the other hand, is very similar to that of the aforementioned serum.

The cream spreads well, does not leave a greasy film and does not cause a glow effect. Despite its consistency, it is well absorbed and leaves no feeling of heaviness after application. I have the impression that my skin is soaking up this cream like a sponge.

Interestingly, the cream contains a unique combination of glacier water and an extract of six sea algae that greatly nourish the skin of the face. In addition, there is low molecular hyaluronic acid, pearl extract, green caviar, New Zealand fern extract, monoi oil, Tahitian gardenia flower extract. Each serving of this cream is a powerful dose of natural, active ingredients. Thanks to which the skin will regain a healthy and radiant appearance, which I can confirm with my own personal experience! I like the fact that the cream has been dermatologically and allergologically tested. I can be sure that I apply the highest quality cosmetic to my face. 

sensum mare

I’ve been using this cream for two weeks. Both in the morning and in the evening, after the serum has completely absorbed. I used it several times as a make-up base, although in this case a serum from the same line worked better for me.

It is highly recommended for people who are looking for an intense and rich cream texture.

For me, this cream is the number one natural moisturizer. My skin fell in love with it right away, and its condition is much better than before the treatment. I don’t worry about dry skin anymore!

You will find it here.


In the eye cream, I was interested in the very active ingredients Aldavin, which is a natural compound of polysaccharides obtained from algae and has the effect of reducing dark circles under the eyes. Another ingredient is Corneosticker, which creates a “second skin” when applied, and thus acts as an active dressing. In this way, it renews and improves the appearance of the skin, smoothes, brightens and reduces imperfections. For me, after a few uses, it reduced the dark circles under my eyes and made them much less visible! I am glad that such a natural dermocosmetic was created and is available on the market! 

I always apply the product in the evening.

The product also won the “Qltowy concept 2019” award and is 100% Vegan 

You will find it here.


I must emphasize that as a fan of peels and masks, I am a very tough critic and reviewer. What’s inside the tube? Papaya, mango and cranberry enzymes, a complex of five marine algae. Enzymes gently and effectively remove epidermal cells, leaving the skin clean and smooth. The product, like the face wash gel, is very gentle and pleasant to apply. It has a great consistency, something like a mousse!

How do I use the peeling / mask?

I spread an even thick layer of peeling on the face, neckline and neck avoiding the eye and mouth area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes (not massaging!) And then wash it off with water. You can use it 2-3 times a week. One time is enough for my skin – I am very happy with the results!

The brand again opted for packaging made in 96% of biomass obtained from sugar cane, which is confirmed by a certificate. Additionally, it is 100% Vegan

You will find it here.



I received this massager in a set with serum and “ALGORICH” cream. I also fell in love with it at first sight! Not only is it beautiful, it also has many benefits. The product accelerates the absorption of cosmetics and the penetration of active ingredients. Cleans the skin of toxins and smoothes and firms the skin! However, the best benefit is that you can quickly remove signs of fatigue! The massager has two tips, the larger one for face massage, the smaller one for under-eye skin massage.

Roller is used by me every day! I don’t part with him even when I have to go somewhere. I use it before each photo session, after applying the serum. Believe me, there is nothing better than getting yourself a spa treatment before work. The skin looks much more refreshed and the shadows under the eyes disappear after a moment!

I recommend a professional Roller to people who have problems with a swollen face in the morning. Mountain crystal is great for improving the oval shape of the face.

How do I use the Roller?

I apply serum on cleansed and toned skin and start the massage from the large tip by making movements from the neck up to the forehead. I start the massage ritual from the right side, ending it on the left side. With the small end of the massager, I massage the skin under the eyes by moving it from the inside to the outside. Thus removing the lymph accumulating in this place and reducing swelling! The rock is cold but I like to step it up and put it in the fridge for some time.

It is also worth knowing that the rock crystal from which the massager is made is the most perfect healing stone. This amazing mineral affects your body and mind, reduces harmful radiation and attracts positive energy. The ancient Greeks considered the Rock Crystal to be an ice crystal that was supernaturally frozen and sent to earth by the gods.

You will find it here.  

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  • Magdalena

    These work. I am nuts about this line and cannot wait to get my hands on more products. The eye cream, which I am running out of is the best I’ve ever tried and having sensitive eyes, it has caused me no issues. The algo tonic is also an amazing product and as soon as travel is possible, I want to try the serum and cream too. World class at a low price tag.

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