Who would have thought that showing off hipbones and abdominal muscles would be fashionable again? Low waist jeans that were popular in the early 2000s have reappeared all over!

Generally low risers have been viewed as cheap, but should we always look at them the same way? The biggest fashion houses are now returning to this trend!

The low rise cut was the most desirable style back in the early 2000s and all of us probably had a pair! This style with low rise pants showed off hips and flat bellies, very often with a bright belly ring. They where often worn with short tops in various styles – there was no bounds to the styles! Celebrities often wore tops, that were scarves! Those scarves had sophisticated cutouts, asymmetrical necklines and often appeared in neon and intense colors. Today, low rise pants have become the most sought after pants design!

Photo shoot for R13

I had the opportunely to work with R13 as a model. The spring-summer 2021 R13 presented low rise pants as a leading element in the collection. Low waist jeans presented in a very modern styling. The pants are worn over fishnet tights which are showing out of the pants, paired with a classic white tank top. It is a perfect example of a modern twist on the low rise design.


 R13 styling doesn’t only use a classic white top! We can also put on denim shirts, a hoodie or even a jacket!

The brand shows and proves that low rise pants can be worn in many ways. Another idea is to combine a tank top with a leather jacket or a denim jacket.

And on hotter days, a great solution is a combination of low risers with a classic white tank top.


The fashion house offers large belts and buckles as accessories to enhance the look. You can also wear it with stylish cowboy boots or large boots like Dr. Martens.

I absolutely loved the R13 collection and their innovative styling ideas.  The R13 presented many ways to wear low rise pants in a modern and cool way.

Maybe the return of these unique pants is a consequence of this most fashionable trend, strongly emphasizing the waist, i.e. midriff flossing. In my opinion, it is!

If you like the look suggestions and would like to see more photos and inspiration from the R13 brand, you can find them here.

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