Today’s post is about the importance of wearing face masks and how to do it with a flair of fashion. As you know I have been working as a fashion model for seven years and I absolutely love the Fashion World (i.e. thats how I named my blog). Since an early age I was obsessed with fashion and I always felt extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work in a business that I am passionate. I believe that fashion influences many areas of daily life and has the power to bring social change in the world and is a big part of my life.

It is important that we all continue wearing face masks, even now, as mor countries ease restrictions are start to open up to business and travel.  Yesss, I’m stil wearing my face mask! 

Face masks help to prevent the person wearing the mask from spreading respiratory droplets when talking, sneezing or coughing. If everyone wears a cloth face covering when out in public, the risk of exposure to Covid-19 can be reduced for the community. Since people may spread the virus before symptoms start, or even if people never have symptoms, wearing a face mask may protect others around you.

I think we can all wear face masks to protect ourselves and others, and at the same time show off our unique personalities and get creative with our outfits and accessories.  I’m really having so much fun with it! I love mixing my outfits with a stylish Louis Vuitton mask. I prefer wearing subdued colors and I try to keep the outfit very clean but at this same time stylish and comfortable.

I decided to wear a classic white T-shirt from Kenzo, with Zara’s ”boyfriend jeans” that’s made from 100% ecologically grown cotton, a Louis Vuitton  bag & mask and a  brown hat from H&M

Many designers have started creating face masks to fight shortages and help essential workers get the protective gear they need, as well as keep their businesses afloat during these difficult times. So not only can you get your hands on a fashionable face mask but you can do so while helping those in need and support local small businesses at the same time. 

One of my favorite brands Louis Vuitton, the luxury brand out of France, early on recognized the need and took big steps to help out the frontline healthcare workers. They repurposed several of their workshops across France and produced hundreds of thousands of face masks. Within this workforce the helped create the masks were hundreds of artisans who volunteered. This was an incredible showing of support by Louis Vuitton!

Unfortunately, because of the lock-down many brands had a very hard time, some of them unfortunately will likely not survive and others will have major hurdles to overcome. How sad is that? They helped frontline healthcare workers instead of taking care of their problems. I think right now it’s time for us to help them. 

Having an original fashion face mask is such an amazing idea not only because its a fun accessory to your outfit but also for it helping to support the brands. Today it’s easy to find masks from nearly all your favorite brands directly on their website.  


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