How I started my modelling carrier


How I started my modeling career?

Usually, when someone meets me, they ask me the same question: How did you start working as a model?

When I was a child, on many occasion when I was out with my parents walking around, people would come up and ask to take a picture of me. I was often told that I am very photogenic and my parents were being told that they should look into a modeling career for me.

Miss Poland Teenager

When I was 15, I received an offer to participate in the Miss Poland Teenager competition. I was very shy at the time and it was hard for me to be on a stage in public and judged in a competition. However, my family convinced me that it would be a fun experience and convinced me to take part in the competition. I decided to do it and I ended up winning the First Vice Miss Poland Teenager 2013. 

How I started my modelling carrier
Fot. Igor Drozdowski

After I participated in Miss Poland Teenager, the Chairman of the competition jury, Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski contacted my parents and told them that he thought I had great potential as a fashion model and he offered to help me. I am very thankful to Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski because his belief in me has made my dream possible.

Mr. Parzutka von Lipinski opened a modeling agency in Poland which became my mother agency, New Stage Model Management. Together with all the hard work of my agent, Agnieszka Pilarczyk, my career got off to a great start and I can’t imagine working without her. 

I first went to Warsaw for my first casting, where I took polaroids and shot a video of my runway walk.  

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My mother agency sent these polaroids to IMG Models, the biggest and best agency in the world.

After a few hours, my agency received a reply from IMG in Paris requesting that I come to Paris to meet with them as soon as possible! You can’t imagine what I felt like when I heard the news! I was so happy! Here is one of the best modeling agencies in the world inviting me to a meeting!

Four days after my first casting, I was sitting on a plane on my way to Paris!

I met the head of IMG Models in Paris – Dominique Caffin- Robert, who confirmed that IMG wants to represent me worldwide.

This is how I started my modelling carrier.

How I started my modelling carrier
On the photo with Dominique Caffin- Robert, my first meeting in IMG Models.

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