The Polish Tribunal just issued a sentence preventing the termination of a pregnancy even in the cases of fatal and irreversible fetal defects, such as the lack of internal organs, severe deformities of the spine or brain, or when the fetus has no chance of life. This law will particularly impact the poorest women and families in Poland. This country is becoming full of absurdities!

Polish hell

By what right does the Polish government condemn women and Polish families to suffer? By what right do they interfere with our most private life decisions?

I couldn’t leave it like that …

Polish hell

On Saturday, October 25, we all met in front of the Polish Consulate in New York. We protested together. We will not give up! It can’t be like that !!!

Polish hell

Polish hell

I feel helpless, sad and furious.

I have never had to make any tough decisions (the most difficult for any woman expecting a baby) related to health or life … but if that happened I would like to have a choice. Everyone should be able to make such a decision for themselves and their lives. I can’t even imagine anyone being forced to do something that would endanger their life. I cannot imagine a woman being forced to give birth to a terminally sick baby that may suffer or who will be still born as a fetus.

In this country, parents of severally ill children are helpless because the government does not provide much assistance. They must see their children suffer or die. This helplessness creates even further pain and suffering and can lead to mental health disorders for the parents and family. It is hard to imagine how a mother feels when she thinks about the funeral of her baby which is still born inside of her. I believe that no one has the right to judge and limit a mother’s decisions about her child’s health and preventing their suffering.

Where is the government’s help and support? Who will take care of the mental health of parents who find themselves in such a difficult situation?

Complete ban on abortion?

Women have been deprived of their right to be safe and be happy to be a mother-to-be.

Let’s join the fight all over the world!

Let’s just hope something changes …

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