The NARS campaign was the last photo shoot I did just before the quarantine. I remember how happy I was when I got the news from my New York agent Julian Niznik that I confirmed this campaign! From the start of my career, my dream was always to be in a beauty campaign. It was one of my greatest goals in modeling.

Even though I did many beauty photo shoots for magazines such as Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar UK, Elle, Marice Claire, Madame Figaro, and even appeared on the covers of many more fashion magazines!  I still never booked a cosmetics campaign. You probably know now why I was so excited when I got the news!

The photo shoot took place in New York on March 10, 2020 – two days before my birthday! Indeed this was a great great birthday present. 

Due to the pandemic, everyone working on the set were wearing masks. I was the only one, of course, who was not wearing a mask.

The photo shoot didn’t take too long, because everyone that worked on it was very professional and experienced in their work.  The atmosphere on the set was really great and everyone was very friendly. After each set, we also made videos of the shoot.

We were all very excited about the new ORGASMX campaign.

During the photo shoot I had my makeup done 5 times!

After the photo shoot, everyone said their goodbyes and returned home. No one expected this shoot to be their last work for a long time.  A few days later, a quarantine was imposed in New York City. 


It was a difficult experience for all of us. I am used to an intense lifestyle. I love my job for being able to travel, be on the go, work with amazing people. Meanwhile, the quarantine kept me at home. All plans had to be suspended, confirmed work – canceled. A few months of inactivity made me realize how much I like my job and how much I miss it.

Here are the results of our work! 


The NARS was created thanks to the amazing work of this talented team:

Photography: Yulia Gorbachenko

Make up:  Niko Lopez

Hair: Helen Reavey

Stylist: Sandy Armeni

Let me know on the comment what you think about this beauty campaign!

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