Is the thought of being stuck at home for four even more weeks got you sprinting out the door? We are all going through this difficult, unpredictable, and therefore stressful time together. My mindset has been, well if I am stuck at home. I want to use that time to better myself and to try to be productive.  I’m not gonna lie, on some level I have been enjoying this isolation. I am lucky to not have had any health issues related to the virus. Having been forced to stay at home, has made me be more productive and showed me that you can still have fun in such circumstances.  Well off course I miss so much my work and traveling. At the beginning it was really hard time for me. I’m always super busy working – photo shoots, events, meetings, castings and traveling. 

This virus at the beginning really touched me a lot because, I’m a very social person and I’m addicted to travel. I love to be busy and that’s why I needed to come up with ideas on how to keep myself busy. Which is why I came up with the list below.

Think of it this way: no matter what your situation, our responsibilities have been lifted from us (school, work, running errands, etc.). While the situation is not ideal, and it is scary, it’s important to shift your mindset and see how you can make the best of your situation. During this hard time try to discover, learn, create and focus more on new things!

We are together

Again, we are all in this together, and in today’s post I am sharing my ways to fill your time productively. All of which I have been working on! Use this time for self care and personal growth!

ahhh and remember not to expose yourself to constant news and media coverage about the virus because it can really affect your mental health. Stay safe and healthy, and I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring.

How to survive a quarantine without losing your mind – Model’s Perspective

1. Make a daily schedule

Keeping up a schedule is one of the most important things to do during this time. Whether or not you’re working from home, following a schedule allows goals to be more tangible and helps you feel more accomplished. 

If you need some inspiration, my latest Morning Routine is now:

1. Get out of bed

2. 10 min Abs exercises 

3. Make breakfast and green tea

4. Skincare routine

5. Brush Teeth and Hair

6. Get dressed

7. Work on my blog

8. Make lunch 

9. Learn something new, look for inspirations, read some articles, organize my computer / phone

10. Yoga, Pilates, Meditation or go for a walk (while practicing social distancing)

11. Read some books, magazines

12. Go to sleep 

HERE you can download my schedule.

Now when I wake up, this list helps me get out of bed knowing I have things to do. It helps me feel accomplished when I cross them off my list and keeps my level of happiness much higher.

2. Be active – home workouts

Just because the gym is closed (or you are responsibly not going), doesn’t mean you need to be out of shape.  There is so many great Youtube videos for workouts. 

I do every morning 10 min abs and then in the afternoon I do pilates or yoga.

If you are looking for a workout program, get with ALO YOGA here. They have so many different types of workout to offer. I’ve been doing the #Aloworkout every day during this quarantine and I’m so in love with it! 

Also I am happy to share with you a promotion CODE: MQZMDXPD8D that will give you FREE access for 14 days, which is epic!

You never practice Yoga? This is a great time to get started. Practicing yoga has other benefits outside the traditional weight loss and staying in shape. It can help you stay grounded, improve your mindset and reduce anxiety. All of these are important benefits if you are looking for things to do while social distancing.

You can also learn a new skill. Try to Learn to handstand? 

Some yoga in Mauritius a year ago

Social Distancing is all about keeping your distance from crowds and busy places. But you can still go outside, take walks, hikes or runs. 

3. Eat healthy

If you are in a lockdown, such as me, you are able to go to the supermarket to buy food. My advice would be to go early morning, just as they open, as nobody knows how long their stocks are going to last. Don’t buy more than you need, especially when it comes to non-perishable foods.

Keep in mind that a healthy diet contributes to a healthy mind, so try to include in your diet fruits and vegetables as well, besides grains and pasta. Try to eat a few nuts a day in the morning. The best are walnuts and almonds. They are very healthy and they are very good for your skin, nails and hair!

You can also try new recipes. Because of this quarantine I learned how to make matcha latte. Green tea its very healthy too. I drink it very often during the day. 

Also don’t forget to drink a lot of water! 


4. Do something you wanted to for a while but didn’t have time for

I’ve been using this time at home to plan my blog and curate the content. 

There was no better time for this. Obviously, that’s why and how you’re reading this article. I planned to start a blog for a very long time but I couldn’t manage it because I was traveling all the time. Since I started quarantine, I turn my complete focus on launching my blog and finally I did it! I’m sure that if it was not for this forced isolation, then I would have never had enough time for it.


5. Read books and magazines

Often, the lack time can be one of the reasons that people read less books. But if you’re practicing social distancing and staying home, suddenly there is a lot more time.

Reading about fashion, photographers, the greatest fashion creators, biographies educate us and satisfy our mind’s curiosities. If you are a model, reading fashion magazines and books in order to deepen your knowledge about the fashion industry, will go a long way for achieving success in the future.


6. Spend time on your skincare – do a face mask, a scrub, plan out your skin routine!

Since we will be having a lot more time to ourselves for the next couple of weeks, do the best facial self care routine and apply facial cleansers, moisturizers, masks, etc to clean your face thoroughly. Maybe you can make your own from scratch? Something we don’t normally have time for! If you decide to purchase one instead this one by Aztec Secret is incredible and most of the models are using it. 


My advice: During this time I’m not wearing make up at all! This is such a perfect time for our face to rest from make up and focus more on our skincare. I’m usually applying a face mask four times a week in the morning. Also I’m keeping my nails clean or I’m using some conditioners. This is a very good time to regenerate them. Same situation for my hair. I’m doing more treatments for them than usual. 

If you want to know about my Top 5 cosmetic – April click here.

7. Discover new hobbies

Learn something new and discover new hobbies. The more free time you have, the more things you can research and learn. Why not take advantage of this self-isolating period and become an expert in something new? If you like photography, check out tips for taking macro shots. If you enjoy cooking, challenge yourself to make healthy meals with the ingredients that you already have in the house. Or if you want to know more about websites, take a free course on coding. You can also create art, paint, write a book, a song or write poetry. The list of things that you can do go on and on. Remember that you are still connected to the rest of the world because, through the wonders of the internet, so use it to your advantage. 

I started to learn about photography. You can check some of my pictures here that I took during the pandemic.


8. Plan your next vacation

Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean the itch to travel suddenly went away. Use this as a time to research some destinations you have been interested in visiting. What national parks or beaches do you want to visit? Which hikes do you want to do? What restaurants or bars have the best reviews? Save your ideas so you are ready to go when the dust settles.


I’ve been always dreaming about a road trip across America. Making a plan during this time is a great idea! I am sure that once you start to plan your trip you will immediately feel better because it will allow your mind to already go places that right now you only dream about. I already started to read some books and blogs about road trips in America and I am starting to make the perfect plan. 

9. Learn a new language

Similar to learning a new skill. Learning a new language could be incredibly valuable for when it’s time to start traveling again. Dreaming of heading to Mexico after this all ends? Why not get started learning Spanish so you can have an even more immersive experience. Also, I’ve been thinking to focus more on Italian because my mom also speaks this language and I have some family in Rome too. 

10. Organize your phone / computer

I am sure that you have a lot of pictures, videos and screenshots that you need to delete and organize. You might have some applications on your phone that you no longer need. Well, my computer was a disaster at the beginning hahah. But because, I started my blog, I had to organize ALL  the pictures on my computer (not only from work). 

My advice: If you are a model, this is a great time to organise all your pictures from work. I have allocated a whole external hard disk only for my modeling work and I can always take it with me if needed. If you’re looking for a good hard drive here its one that I always have and all photographers from around the world use it.


11. Call a friend

This is especially important for your older friends and family that you are not able to visit at this time. Our need for connection doesn’t end with quarantine. This may be one of the best things to do while social distancing in order for you to stay sane. 

Being alone in isolation is very hard for your mental health. You probably have friends who are in the same situation as you, so why not do a video call with them? See how they are getting doing, remember the good times spent together and have a laugh over the current situation. It will end sooner or later.

I have regular calls with my family and friends. All my immediate family is in Poland and I also have family in Italy.  Some of my best friends are in Japan, France, Spain and Australia. I’m in NYC and have been here in quarantine for the past two months. Having contact with my family and friends has been very important for me.  It allows us to support each other and ”spend” more time together which during ”normal life” our busy schedules would not allow.  When I’m talking with my family and friends from around the world I remind them that it is important to self-isolate even if they live in areas which are not under a lockdown. Also I’m trying to make them laugh and we focus on the positive things that are happening during this time. 


12. Plan your future (one of my favorite things to do)

Use this time to plan your career, vacations, goals, bucket list, etc. Research opportunities and have fun with it. I really love to do it. Step by step your dreams will come true!

Write your TOP goals and check the list/plan very often. 

Always believe in yourself and never give up.

13. Make a list

Tons of small tasks that need to get done around the house and get at least one done each each day. 

My idea: Clean your closet, organize your cosmetics and make sure your home will be perfect when things get back to normal and more hectic.

You can also make a list of things that you want to buy or to do when this quarantine will be finished. 

14. Organize your home

You can definitely use this time to clean out your room or organize your house. I started by re-organizing sections in my home, you can have an important deep-cleaning day. This is not only helpful for you – seeing your house clean is incredibly relaxing – but you will also be better off in terms of not getting sick. Clorox wipes are a must, as well as having hand sanitizers by your front door so you can squirt some on once you get home. 

15. Take a relaxing bath

I recommend that we now pull out the bath salts and bath bombs. Maybe light a candle?  Listen to your favorite relaxing music. We’re going to be here for a while.

16. Catch up on your Netflix binges

What better time to catch up on all of your Netflix must watch show lists than now? You no longer have to feel guilty for staying in to binge watch a series instead of seeing friends. It sounds like a win-win to me! 

If you’re looking for a good show here are a few on my favs: 

Netflix shows:

  1. Money Heist (La Casa de Papal)
  2. Narcos
  3. Bates Motel
  4. Ozark
  5. Into the night
  6. 13 Reasons why
  7. Messiah
  8. Stranger things

17. Do a FaceTime photo-shoot

If you are a model, try doing a FaceTime photo shoot with a photographer friend and let your creativity flow and show that human nature has NO LIMITS AND BORDERS! 


18. Make a mood board

Moodboards are physical or digital collages filled with images, texts, and other elements that help a person create the mood/theme they would like to convey within a project. Home Renovators, Graphic Designers, Product or Fashion Designers, and even Site Designers use these – sometimes called Concept Boards.

For those of us who don’t use these for projects, mood boards are a way of putting all of your hopes, dreams, emotions, artistic visions, and more, on paper. Setting the mood for what you want your life to look like, or how you want to be feeling. You can also create one just for fun, there doesn’t need to be a deep meaning behind it. Mood boards have many purposes and there are many ways you can go about doing this – whether it be on your phone, or on paper. It’s super easy!

On Paper: We all have a pile of magazines in the house that moves from room to room because you don’t want to toss them. The good news is that now is a great time to put them to use. Look through the magazines and cut out anything that sparks joy or catches your eye. It can be a makeup product, or color, or a person, or dress, a font, a texture, literally anything. You then glue all of those cutouts on a piece of paper to create a beautiful collage.

19. Do daily stretches  

This is one of the best things to do at home with all this free time. It’s relaxing and your muscles will thank you. I regularly stretch when Im home, especially when I’m working on my computer.

at the end …

20. Spread a little love

Some of us are home alone, others with family, friends or pets! I recommend that you try to pay some attention to the ones that you’re close to. I’m not only talking about the ones that are physically with us right now but more importantly the ones that are emotionally close to us that can’t be with us right now. There are many great applications today for making group video calls. These things are very important. If you have a pet then make sure you pay special attention and spend as much time as possible. Play with him more, teach new tricks, go for a social distance walk. Remember animals are man’s best friends

I wish I could have with me my sweet dog – Sisi, I miss her so much. 

I hope these self care ideas were helpful! This is a scary time, but taking time for yourself, meditating and distracting yourself is very important now more than ever.

Remember that there are tons of things you can do when you’re bored. So, don’t think you have a limited amount of ways to fill up your day. I just wanted to list some of the best ways or some that not everyone would think about. I’ve been using this time to self-reflect and be productive. I think this made me realize just how precious life is. How I should do my part to help the earth and use this time wisely to fulfil my dreams.

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