I recently had the wonderful opportunity to stay at LUX Grand Gaube in Mauritius. The Lux Grand Gaube Resort made my last visit to Mauritius unforgettable. It is not only an amazing hotel in the most beautiful scenery, it also has the most wonderful staf that literally read your mind without having to even ask – you will never want to leave again. This is my personal experience and review of LUX Grand Gaube Mauritius, easily one of the best places to stay in Mauritius.

Mauritius is a wonderful and magical island that has unique landscapes, delicious food and a fusion of cultures that is unlike anywhere else in the world.  If you’re visiting Mauritius, it won’t be long before you discover the charm this island has to offer as I did.

In addition to all of that, Mauritius also has one of the best luxury resorts that I have ever had a chance to visit. From the moment I arrived until my departure, I had top-notch service, amenities and food at LUX Grand Gaube. Also, as you know I love to be surrounded by beautiful flowers and they are also a great decoration for taking pictures. And here I had wonderful tropical kinds all over the place.

LUX Resorts & Hotels is a Mauritius based hotel and resort chain that exudes luxury while keeping the experience of the guests in mind.  The group was founded in 1985 and since its conception, it has hotels in Mauritius, the Maldives, Reunion Island, France, Italy, Turkey, UAE, China and Vietnam. (Some of these locations are in the works).

You can find out more about LUX Resorts & Hotels by visiting their website here.


The best thing about luxury resorts is that everything is controlled, organized, and sorted in advance. It gives you the chance to focus solely on the trip to Mauritius and that is exactly what you should focus on as it is a dream destination. 

This post will cover some of my favorite hotel amenities and things you can do at LUX Grand Gaube. Some of the things you’ll find at Grand Gaube are a gym, three pools, spa, tennis court, coworking space inside of a library, various restaurants, a seaplane for tours, private beaches, cinema, and much, much more.


One of the main things to note about LUX Grand Gaube is that the design is absolutely remarkable. World-famous interior designer, Kelly Hoppen designed the resort with a sleek and sophisticated design. Kelly is one of the best designers in the world and her style was a perfect match for Grand Gaube as it gives it a really modern east-meets-west appeal mixed with a bit of beach hospitality. She created an electric retro-chic lifestyle in the rooms that transfers a chick yet informal atmosphere – a great combination to make every type of person feel most comfortable.  The interior is as inviting as it is mesmerizing. It was really one of my favorite things about the resort.


One of the best things about LUX Grand Gaube is that the resort has so many amenities… you can pamper yourself for days and really get to enjoy the luxury of the place and what there is to do at Grand Gaube.

This next part will detail and list my favorite things about LUX Grand Gaube.


The LUX Grand Gaube is fortunate to have not just one beach, but TWO.  Located along lagoons and coves, the resort had Mauritian nature at its fingertips and I really loved this about it.  I was able to wake up early and stroll along the beach before my day got started and it was a refreshing way to enjoy the sunrise.

The LUX Grand Gaube has also amazing swimming pools with views of the open ocean making you never wanting to leave. The pools are surrounded by bars, restaurants, lounge chairs, and more. 

Some of the suites also have private dipping pools which are the perfect touch to ending a hot day. 


The room was super clean with a gorgeous design aesthetic.The room had a large bed, flatscreen TV, bathtub, large bathroom, coffee machine, and more. My favorite thing about my room at LUX Grand Gaube was my terrace which led to private lagoon views where I was able to crash on my lounge chair on the terrace and enjoy the ocean breeze and the sound of the birds.  It was an ideal place to enjoy a morning tea or coffee.


Another amazing aspect of the Grand Gaube was its restaurants! Because I am pescatarian, my diet consists of fresh vegetables and fruits. 

The variety of food was simply amazing and the entire resort is covered restaurants with world-class food and drinks.  The restaurants have an open air concept with gorgeous views of the blue ocean.  

Best of all, the quality of the food was top notch with everything fresh, to the point where they actually picked the coconuts each day from the tree.


My stay at LUX Grand Gaube was fantastic. I was pretty busy when I was visiting the island and in order to relax I tested the Spa, which had the most amazing treatments. The professional team at the Lux Grand Gaube made every moment so comfortable and enjoyable. The Lux Grand Gaube is a hotel I really want to recommend to you when you are planning to go to Mauritius – the island is close to paradise and the hotel brings you a step closer – try it out and enjoy the beauty and luxury!

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