Today I will tell you about my photo shoot that I did with Wojtek Foit during quarantine! The photo shot took place remotely! Wojtek was in Warsaw and I – in New York!

As you know, during the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, everything stood still. All work related to fashion had been suspended. Therefore, many photographers came up with creative ideas for photo shoots using video chat! It was the only way to keep a safe distance and not violate government bans on group meetings. I must admit however, that it was not an easy task.

When Wojtek suggested that we do a photo shoot using Facetime, I immediately said without hesitation – YES! I thought it would be a great experience and a fun project!

For both of us it was the first time we attempted to conduct a photo shoot remotely.

I have worked with Wojtek before for HARPER’S BAZAAR UKRAINE and he has become one of my favourite photographers.

The day before the shoot we called to discuss all the details. We discussed different concepts and decided on which location in my apartment would work best. I even took Wojtek (remotely) on my rooftop in New York!

We also had to discuss how to style the outfits and decided on classic, subdued looks.  Such as white and black shirts and jeans. Make up and hair was left natural. The last obstacle was trying to figure out a good time for the shoot where it would work for Poland and New York timezone 🙂 


Facetime photo shoot

We used Facetime for the video call and during the call Wojtek took screenshots. I posed during the video call and Wojtek would tell me which poses looked good and when I should stay still.

I have to admit that a photo shoot by video call is more difficult than a normal photo shoot. First of all, it requires a very good connection between the model and the photographer. It definitely takes much more time than a classic shooting. Still, I remember this shoot fondly – we shared a lot of fun and laughter! I haven’t had such a good time in a long time :).

See the resuts of our work

Facetime photo shoot
Facetime photo shoot
Facetime photo shoot

I am very happy with the final results of our work. Big applause for Wojtek, who was with me on the line at 2 am (Polish time) to capture the sunset in New York on the last photo.

I will definitely never forget our Facetime photo shoot. Together we proved that human nature has NO LIMITATIONS AND BORDERS!

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