I grew up in a home surrounded by many trees, beautiful flowers and a small lake … You can’t imagine how much I miss nature. After forty-five days spent in quarantine at home due to the Coronavirus, I finally decided to go out outside. I wanted to see how New York City is holding up during quarantine. I wondered where would be a good place to have a walk, where I could “breathe” fresh air and still keep socially distant. Central Park immediately came to my mind. The weather felt like Spring was arriving. I quickly packed a blanket, book, headphones and of course antibacterial hand gel.

I also put on a mask and gloves to protect myself and others as was being advised on the news.

When I left my apartment the streets were literally empty. A place that was teeming with life on a normal day, looked completely abandoned now…

I live in the center of New York, between Union Square and Time Square, which is always full of taxis but on this day I was waiting and waiting and there were no taxis in sight. After waiting for over 15 minutes, I decided to order Uber in order to get to the park. I was surprised at how the driver was prepared and protected with a mask, gloves, disinfectant spray and antibacterial gel. But even more surprising was that the driver installed a makeshift plastic wall between the front and back seat in order to limit the movement of air.

Central Park

The trip was very fast, because there were practically no cars on the streets. On the way to Central Park I noticed how few people were out in the street and how strange New York looked with all the stores and restaurants closed. This view was really scary … For me, New York is a bustling metropolis made up of people and isn’t the same without this vibrant energy… 

Shortly after entering the park I came across a two performers playing music together. It looked comical, because they both wore masks on their faces and also kept a distance between them.  

There was no police in the park, but everyone was very careful, they kept the right distance and wore masks all the time.

I found a place very quickly where I spread my blanket. There was literally no one next to me and in the area! I was happy that I could relax and read a book in the open air and listen to music. You can’t imagine how much I missed being out in nature!

I spent 5 hours in the park! I read the whole book and didn’t even realise how fast the time had passed. On my way home I came across beautiful cherry blossoms!

Unfortunately it was hard to smell them!

I took a lot of pictures during the walk! See how Central Park looks at the end of April!

Ahhh, how I love spring, and the moment when everything comes to life.

Let’s hope we also get back to our normal rhythm quickly. Let’s be positive! I hug you all very much Xx 

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