In July 2018, I was booked as the model for the campaign of ROSA GOLD CHAINS, a Polish jewelry brand. At the time I was not sure that I would be able to do the work because I was extremely busy with jobs in Paris and London. Ultimately, the dates all worked and I was able to confirm the job.

I arrived in Warsaw the day before the shoot and had to wake up at 5 AM the next morning in order to avoid the morning rush hour traffic on our way to the location (which was outside of Warsaw).

From the moment we left the hotel things did not go as planned.  We were on our way out of Warsaw and had to brake in order to avoid a bump.  The driver behind us was not paying attention and slammed into our car.  Our hearts skipped a beat and we were so worried because the stylist that was with us was pregnant. Fortunately, nothing happened and we were able to continue driving to the location.


The shoot took place in Ojrzanów. There was a cute small house right on the lake with a beautiful meadow where sheep were grazing. It was quaint and picturesque but…  unfortunately the weather was very cold …

I worked with a great team that day, which I already knew and loved from before.  The photographers were Agnieszka Kulesza and Łukasz Pik, makeup and hair by Aneta Kostrzewa and the stylist was Daria Biedrzycka.

I really enjoy working with talented and professional team 🙂 

Rosa Gold Chains

Before we started shooting that day, we met for breakfast in order to discuss the strategy and concept for the campaign.  I was able to understand what the photographers were looking for and the vision they wanted to achieve.

And than we began to prepare for the photo shoot

Rosa Gold Chains

I really liked the makeup – well actually, there was no makeup.

The makeup artist gave me a facial mask, then applied a cream and told me that my face would look very natural without makeup. We didn’t have to style my hair since it was a wet look.

Rosa Gold Chains

I knew that the shoot was to be done in the lake. What I didn’t know, however, was that the water will be ice cold that day! The stylist and the Rosa Gold Chains team prepared a wet suit (as used by divers) for me to wear in the water. I had rubber boots on my feet so that I wouldn’t get stuck in the mud. It would have all been easy if the shoot only lasted a few hours instead of all day. I had to continually remind myself to make sure that my expression doesn’t show how cold I was feeling! It was a reminder of how important it is in modeling to control your emotions and facial expressions.

Of course, I didn’t have to spend all day in the water. We had a lunch break and during this time I made sure to warm up.

Rosa Gold Chains
Rosa Gold Chains
Rosa Gold Chains

And another adventure

The shoot was not complete without there being another mishap. While crossing the bridge, the make-up artist accidentally dropped her phone in the lake.  She had to dive in to the lake in order to get it. She searched around and thankfully was able to find it at the bottom of the lake, and miraculously it was still working!

After the shoot I didn’t have time to rest. I quickly dried my hair and returned to Warsaw. The same day I was flying to my next job – this time in Paris.

Sitting on the plane, I realized that my hair is still damp and smelled like the water in the lake.

It was a real adventure, I tell you !!

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