Today I would like to share my first project after the lockdown. 

The quarantine resulted in the longest break I had since I started modeling. 

Before the pandemic, I worked a lot. I was constantly on the move and at times worked on three different continents in one week.

Because of pandemic everything has slowed down and work completely stopped.  After a few months in quarantine I start to question myself – “am I still good at it?” Does anyone else get this feeling too? 

When finally the lock down was over I took part in a session with one of my favorite photographers – Dimitri Hyacinthe

I will never forget this day, I felt so much passion and happiness. 

This day made me realize how much I love my work, photo shoots and being involved in the Fashion world. 

The story was shot on my rooftop in NYC. Some of the pictures were taken in my apartament. It was just two of us – no assistants, no makeup artist and hairstylists. We did everything ourselves and I did the styling. Let me know how you like it!

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